Monday, January 4, 2010

Add a Blog to your Website and Make Money form Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and More Blogging Sites

Add a Blog to your Website and Make Money form Twitter, MySpace, Facebook, YouTube and More Blogging Sites

When it comes to adding a blog to your website, there are a number of options you can make use of. Installation process could be easy with some good help from some one like myself who understand the ins & outs of Blogging. My aim is showing just how easy it is to create a highly profitable social media that transforms how your found on Google’s own website.

Why Have a Blog for Any and All Types of Business?

To connect with today’s buyer, you need to stop pushing your message out and start pulling your customer in and give them a reason to buy and use your stuff. The many rules of marketing have changed and my key to winning is to use the change of social marketing / media to our advantage.
If you’ve wondered how to get found in Yahoo, Google or just why Blogging works and social marketing sites like Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, and Facebook are important, just look around you.

Savvy companies are using on-line networking sites as massive focus groups and as an efficient means of communication with consumers who buy and spend money.

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Dennis Schleicher


Amy said...

Dennis, as when we first had the privilege of getting to know you at CAPA-U in 2008, me and my wife Amy Boucher find your business model compelling. We're now getting our book "Season of the Rose - the Medjugorje Messages" copyedited for publication and want to hire you. Also, we want to initially self-publish and would appreciate your recommendation for best small-run publishers. Hope you remember us. As you can tell, we haven't forgotten you. Sincerely, Stephen and Amy Boucher.

Dennis J. Schleicher said...

Amy and Stephen-
Of course I remember you both as I was interested in reading your book when it was published. Please feel free to call my private cell phone at (860) 655-2300. Or my private e-mail is
I wouldn't post any of your private information on this blog as it is public and searchable by Google. As you're aware search engines are my specialty. Getting someone number one in all search engines is what I do best. Along with building phenomenal websites and blogs. I also have some great connections in cover and graphic design, including logos, postcards, bookmarks etc. Social networking is being noticed and recognized by large corporations as a must have in order to connect and communicate with their customers. A lot has changed in the last year, and we can discuss that more in depth. I look forward to talking to you both.
Dennis Schleicher
PS I hope you enjoy working with my professional literary editor, Barbara Nicholson as she's completing several more book proposals for me as we speak.