Sunday, November 29, 2009

Branding by Becoming a Best-Selling Successful Published Author, Utilizing Social Networking & Blogging To Reinvent Your Self to Generate Revenue

Branding by Becoming a Best-Selling Successful Published Author, Utilizing Social Networking & Blogging To Reinvent Yourself.

The internet brings about the reinvention of everything we need to do in order to get branded or noticed. Now it is marketing’s turn. How do you get your brand, book, publishing house or even editorial services heard, trusted, and most importantly remembered? It’s increasingly important to rely on Bloggers were accountable solutions. The advertising agencies of the future must be adept at reinventing yesterdays interactive, direct branding. Dennis Schleicher has many years of generating residual income through blogging, social networking, etc. Through his efforts he has maintained a best-selling book that was published in 2006 to have consistent royalty quarterly. He has developed low-cost or no-cost connections between products and customers. Teaching anyone, whether published or not to set themselves up as an expert within their genre to attract new customers and exceed revenue goals with iDirect Marketing, Blogging Social Networking, etc.

In any case, even if you choose not to hire Dennis, make sure that the person you do work with has a vast knowledge of affiliate links and teaching you for free how to generate extra income through Google and other search engines utilizing affiliate advertising and pay per click campaigns.

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How we Make $$$ Money $$$ form our Blogs or Websites

If you notice the links on the side of my blog as that's how I generate some extra income. Hence the fact I am one of the most cost-effective Blog & website designers on the market. I pass my affiliate revenue on to my clients. Adds by Google I get paid a whopping 5 cents per click, if that! Sometimes if I'm lucky I could receive a $1.25 per click. Depending on Google and what the advertisers are willing to pay. This also has a lot to do with your reputation with Google. The longer you've had an account, the more you can demand per link. The other affiliate links are commissioned base. Translation, you would only generate money only when we spend money. Most cases, would pay on a sliding scale. Starting at 4% once you have 6 or more purchases through your link. Then you move up to 10%. This could generate some major bucks, especially if someone purchases a flat screen TV or a electronics.

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