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10 Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engine Optimization or SEO, How to Make Money with your Website or Blog

10 Ways to Optimize Your Blog for Search Engine Optimization

By Dennis Schleicher
With so many blogs competing for readers, the pressure is on to create a blog that is attractive and engaging. My hope is that Dennis supplies everything you need to create a great-looking blog, from professionally designed themes to drag-and-drop tools that make organizing your content a snap. The rest is up to you! Here are a few design, marketing and search engine optimization tips to get you on your way:

The term "search engine optimization" or SEO for short, describes the process of increasing both the quality and quantity of traffic to your website or blog. Now blogs are getting all the SEO. Why? Give your readers a reason to return to your blog-this takes time. It is the technique of making your content easier to find for search engines like Google. Well optimized blog-web pages will appear on the first pages of the search engine listings. The ultimate goal is to bring people to your blog who are interested in the content you offer. Here are a few tips on making the most of SEO on your blog. A great book Dennis would love you too buy is; "What would Google Do?" by Jeff Jarvis.
1. Write descriptive post titles.

This is the single most important thing you can do to optimize your blog for search and drive more traffic. Imagine what you might type into Google to find your post and include it in the title of your blog post. Clear, descriptive titles aren't necessarily clever or fun, but they will get more people to your blog.

2. Use image titles that match content in your post.

Title images with one or more words from your post title to increase the "relevance" of your post. This will help your blog index better against that term.

3. Use SEO keywords in your content.

Include the key terms from your image and title in the body of your post, especially early in a post. You will have a greater chance of coming up higher in the search engine rankings. To find keywords, use Google AdWords' Keyword Tool. Or Dennis can make this happen.

4. Post regularly.

The more often you update your blog, the more often your pages are indexed by the search engines, and the higher your ranking climbs. That is why blogs are inherently more search-engine friendly than a websites. Most websites aren't updated for weeks, if not months, or I’ve seen authors go years, NOT GOOD, whereas many bloggers post new content on a regular basis is up to you. I ask my bloggers to post at least every 2 weeks. If you can do more that’s GREAT!!!

5. Alert or "Ping" a variety of websites every time you publish a new post.

Luckily, Dennis makes this easy and will do all the work so your Blog is navigation friendly, then he "Configure" and then works his publicity skills magic. "Publicized" and, every time you publish a post, Dennis makes sure all the search engines can and will find you. He works with you to us Labels, Tags, Meta, ext. In time you will be able to do this on your own.

6. Link to other quality related content.

Dennis knows how important this part is so he takes in on him-self to find websites, and other Blogs to link yours to. There are many reasons to link to other sites or posts on the web, and optimizing your blog for search is one of them. When you link to quality sites or articles on the web that are relevant to the content of your post, you increase your chances of a higher ranking. Simply linking to articles or sites that aren't related to your post topic does not help. Google finds out in time and this work against you not for you.

7. Generate inbound links.

An inbound link is a link from another blog or website that points to yours. If that blog or website is highly viewed, the link is "counted" more heavily and your search engine ranking rises as a result. Inbound links are not directly in your control; someone else has to link to you. That said, if you build goodwill within the blogging community and write consistently good content, chances are good that you'll begin to generate inbound links. A link form or will shot your blog to the top. This is why I link all my “clients-authors” blogs to each other.

8. Submit your blog to the major search engines.

You can further get your content out to the search engines by going to Google, Yahoo! or any of your favorite search engines and type in "submit blog." You will be directed to a page that will allow you to submit your URL for indexing, I have been doing this for all my clients for free but now I’m offering it as an ad on as of 2010. Anyone who started working with me before Jan 2010 I’ve been doing it for free. It takes many hrs and weeks to submit your blog, or you can pay a website to do all our work for a price.

9. Keep trying different things and check your stats.

The most successful bloggers are continually trying new things, sharing and telling others what works by reading others, investigating top-rated blogs, and staying current on the newest developments in search engine technology (SET). There is no single way to keep your ratings high; rather, it is a combination of all of them and a willingness to experiment that separates the most popular bloggers from the rest. You can share your story on or use my affiliate links if you need anything. Every dime helps. I know authors who make more form affiliates then from our own books. Dennis can set up your affiliate marketing. is a website I set up to handle all your webhosting needs. Create a professional business website in just minutes! Package selection for authors starting at $9.99 with your first 6 months free! Or, I can do this for you at a low cost.

10. Stick with it.

Since so many people launch blogs and websites and abandon them within weeks or months, part of the calculation used to rank pages is how long the site has been around. If you keep blogging, your ranking will go up if you are still posting consistently after a year, and after two years, and so on. The hare got off to a faster start, but the turtle eventually wins the race.

Success at its Best, Author Jan Mann.

Please look at a true success “Author Jan Mann; Jan’s Blog has 4000 hits and has ranked #1 in Google with over 59 key words. The only mistake is we need to generate more inbound and outbound links. Otherwise she is #1 in my eyes. Her key is consistence in her Blog post and now ALL the search engines have found her to be number 1 as well. This could and will be you! For more ways to make money with your blogs, websites, call Dennis Schleicher @ (860) 655-2300. My new e-mail address is; Not the e-mail this was sent form. Sorry, as I’ve over 9000 junk mail and have given up and am sorry if your e-mails have got lost or over looked.
Happy Blogging,
Dennis Schleicher
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